Kitchen Cabinets

All of our Kitchen cabinets are made to order not picked from a warehouse.

The standard cabinet isn’t made from course chipboard, it’s made entirely from 18mm high density Egger board which is FSC certified.

This includes the backs to both base and wall cabinets. I do not use flimsy 4mm hardboard backs like most companies.
All exposed edges are lipped, even those that are unseen this prevents moisture ingress the most common cause of damage to kitchen cabinets.
Blum soft closing drawers and hinges are used as standard.

Real Wood Veneer Cabinet

As an alternative to the standard particle board cabinet I can have your cabinets made from real wood veneered board. This is then spray lacquered in the workshop to create a perfect seal that enhances the grain.All cabinets are bespoke and can be made to any size.